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Fiesta Candida

Fiesta Candida

– by Julie Fisher

Part of sharing information comes from what I am personally going through or have gone through so that maybe I can shave off some of the time it takes in your quest for a healthier body.  A lot of us go on certain paths because life necessitates it or because we quest for knowledge of what is going on, in and around us, or most likely a combination of the two.

For a while now, I have known that there was something ‘off’ within my body.  After trying different diets, whether low carb or elimination, I was still experiencing bloating, joint pain, headaches, skin rashes that I thought were hives and a few other symptoms. The inability to lose weight is also on the list.  After about a month, on a 1200 calorie diet and only losing 10 lbs., you can imagine my frustration.

Before a trip overseas, I had a raised and raw rash across my chest.  In desperation, I went to a conventional doctor who told me that the rash was a case of contact dermatitis.  I was prescribed a steroid cream and to take Zyrtec AND Benadryl.  While these pharmaceuticals helped the symptoms, I knew they weren’t touching the root cause.  And, I really don’t like to rely on drugs, knowing this is usually the case.

The latest problem was a horrible case of thrush within my mouth that exploded my upper lip and, quite frankly, looked like my entire upper lip was one big cold sore.


In desperation, I asked a friend who he would recommend as a homeopathic doctor that could help.  I will give a shout out to Dr. Fodel with Synergy Holistic Health in Charlotte.  She listened to all my symptoms and immediately knew that I was experiencing an overgrowth of Candida.  After going through quite a few kinesiology tests of certain foods, she knew which ones were adding to the fiesta!  While I had already tweaked my diet to very little dairy (self-discovered lactose intolerance), very few nuts (self-discovered allergy), no gluten (also self-discovered) and very few processed foods, it was time to narrow down my diet even more!  She also addressed a vitamin and mineral deficiency.  I will go into this dynamic in a future article.

For now: no – dairy (no matter the source, which means no cheese), eggs, whey, all nuts, gluten, oats, corn, tomato, paprika, peppers, eggplant, white potatoes, soy, and chocolate! (What the heck! Chocolate!) You may or may not know that quite a few items on this list are in the nightshade family.  For more info on why no nightshades, see my article – Nightshades, The Dark Side of Inflammation.

Which also means, no sugar, no alcohol and very little fruit.  And a ton of supplements and probiotics.

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People ask me, ‘What is left!?’  Well, lots of veggies (thank goodness for avocados, spinach, and asparagus), meat, coconut oil, and paleo snacks.  I eat mostly chicken and fish with the occasional beef.  And as always, a ton of water.

So, what are the other possible symptoms of a candida overgrowth? Did you know that leaky gut (the candida kills the good bacteria in your gut), other digestive issues, oral thrush, extreme body odor, tiredness/fatigue, nail/skin fungus, genital/urinary tract infections, joint pain, brain fog, and depression? For more info on why depression see my article, The King of Sprains and Strains – The Liver.

Candida die off/detox has many symptoms as well.  The biggest ones for me have been fatigue, muscle aches, cravings and skin flush.  My quads feel like I ran a marathon.  But they can also include fever, chills, and rapid heart rate.

I have been on the strict diet for 12 days, and I have already lost 8 lbs, the upper lip has healed and the oral thrush is gone.

Finally, I feel that what has been off in my body for so long has been addressed!  As you may have read in my earlier story, I spent decades under high stress, cortisol ravaging my body.  Is this part of that detox as well???  I will continue to write articles on what negative stress does to the body (yes, there is good stress), why self-care is so important, the importance of Tribe, and even why apples make me burp!

So many questions… join me on my quest as I look for more answers and, hopefully, help you on your quest as well.

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