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Be Like a Concrete Truck – MOVE!

Be Like a Concrete Truck – MOVE!

Ever watch a concrete driving down the road.  It’s spinning, right?  And we all know the reason.  If the truck has concrete in it, it has to spin so that the concrete doesn’t harden.  Our fascia does the same. 

Fascia may be found as layers upon layers within our bodies.  In order for the layers to glide upon one another, the fascia has to stay soft and subtle.  Without fascia, our skeletal system would not be able to stay together or upright without fascia.  Think of a suspension bridge.  Fascia also allows muscles and organs to glide upon one another so that we can do complex movements like bending, rotate, and twist.

Groundbreaking research says that 80% of all people, worldwide, suffer from lower back pain!  Part of the research is finding out that ‘hardened’ fascia has a lot to do with lower back pain, even more so than the muscles. 

Scientists are also finding out how much the fascia does within the body like assisting with metabolism regulation, how our bodies interpret sensory input, lymph transport, and, of course, movement. 

They have looked at people who have had to have their arm in a cast.  Within a very short time, the fascia becomes more fibrous and ‘sticky’, which is why limbs that have been within a cast become stiff.  However, once movement is allowed again, the fascia breaks up and becomes fluid again.

Benefits of moving include:

  • better cognitive function
  • better oxygen production
  • more and bigger mitochondria (the power cells of the body – this helps nourish muscles, etc)
  • better sleep
  • better immune function

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People often ask me what is visceral manipulation?  It is the manipulation of some of the deeper fascial layers… helping your muscles, and organs ‘move’ better!  

As always, please do some research, and ask some questions!  Become an expert of your body.

And if you ever think of a question that you want me to write about, please let me know!

Julie Fisher NC/SC LMBT

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Sewage System of the Body

Sewage System of the Body

No, it isn’t your bowels!  Welcome to the wonderful world of Lymph!  The lymphatic system is one of the first lines of immunological defenses of the body.  It has many other extremely important functions as well.

The lymphatic system creates immune cells such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and plasma cells.  The lymphatic system sends these cells throughout the body to wherever they are needed.  It then carries away dead cells to be removed.

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It is the circulatory system’s sister and is the second pathway back to the heart.  Lymph is the fluid that helps produce the connective tissue of the body – think fascia and bones, to name a couple.  The lymph system does not have its own pumping system like the heart in the circulatory system.  Movement is key!!  (Look forward to my video series – Combatting FFP – Front Forward Posture)

Ever wonder why massage therapists always tell you to drink more water?  The lymph system is throughout the body and a lot of it is just under the skin.  So, when you receive a massage, the lymph fluid has been manipulated, releasing toxins.

Think of cleaning with a sponge.  Before you use the dirty sponge somewhere else, you have to clean it.  Same thing with our lymph.  Once it has been manipulated it has to be cleaned out by drinking more water.  The type of water you drink is also important.  (Look for the Hydration vs Saturation)  If you ever feel like you have the flu the next day after a massage it means you need to drink more water!

When the body has had surgery or trauma, the damaged tissue responds with inflammation to protect the area (not to mention the fascial response, which we will talk about in another article).  Lymphatic massage helps to reduce painful swelling from the traumatized area.

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