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My Story

Hello, my name is Julie. After a career that spanned multiple decades in the restoration industry, my body began to shut down from stress. Once my sons were adults, I decided to pursue a path to understand why stress affects the body the way it does.

I became a Certified Life Coach, an advanced stress management therapist, an advanced aromatherapy therapist and a Reiki II practitioner.  It was then that I realized that I wanted to pursue my license to touch! 

I went to the prestigious North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork and became a licensed massage therapist in both North and South Carolina.

I use every tool in my toolbox to treat my clients. I have been told by multiple clients that I am a very intuitive and calming therapist.  

My Values & Beliefs

Massage is a necessity.

As someone who was under debilitating stress, I credit massage with saving my mind and body!

Massage doesn’t need to be painful to be effective.

I use the ‘edge’ system.  On a scale from 1 to 10, operating on a 6 or 7 for pressure allows better and deeper muscle work to be done because your body is not tensing from pain.

There should be a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

If the mind is relaxed, the body will follow. I believe in operating in the parasympathetic system.

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The Body Engineer for Athletes

My Approach

My mission is to continue to pursue avenues that help my clients in any way to derail the pain/nerve cycle!  I listen to the client’s body and use a blend of techniques to help release tension and pain.

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