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Our society today tends to be geared towards instantaneous results. So many of us expect instant results, a magic pill to make our aches and pains go away.  One hour of massage to make us whole………I wished it were that simple!  And before you say ‘Wow, that was judgmental’ – I do it too!

There are so many things that affect our bodies.  Stress, diet, water intake, past injuries and trauma, mental state, genetics and those are just a few I could think of.  There are also many layers in our bodies.  If you aren’t drinking enough water, fascia is harder, lymph (see my blog for a video The Lymph System) doesn’t move as well making areas stickier, nerves don’t send signals as swiftly as they should, the connective tissue surrounding our muscles and organs don’t move as smoothly as they should.  These factors add more time for a therapist to make them more malleable.  Stress hormones add additional tension within the body.

In my practice I have noticed that bodywork is cumulative.  If a client comes regularly, the body knows what to expect and accepts the work at a much faster rate.  Also, coming regularly keeps the layers more malleable, allowing for deeper work.  Muscle and tissue have memory.

There are a couple clients that come for bodywork right before a chiropractic session.  This allows for longer and better results in the chiropractic session because the tissues have been softened.  And the chiropractor can tell when the clients haven’t had any bodywork!

There was a saying at the massage school that I love – Bones never lie and muscles always win!  Think on that, if the muscles aren’t relaxed or doing their job properly, they are going to pull the bones.  There are a lot of visual clues that bony landmarks tell a bodyworker.  Military neck, protruding shoulder blades, front forward posture all tell a tale!

Another thought to consider, is how long has your body been in pain?  How long have you had a desk job, or been doing cross fit? The body adjusts to pain, and adjusts to poor posture.  Muscle and tissue have memory!  When I began massage school, I had to retrain myself to walk properly and I didn’t even know I was walking improperly until I was called out by the instructor.  It takes time to reset the body from these pain patterns and dysfunction. It will definitely take more than a one-hour session.

Regular bodywork is such an important part of self-care (Feed Yourself), but also taking responsibility for our self is huge.  Bodywork does great work, but stretches, moving, drinking more water, eating healthy are also key elements for a healthy body.


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Julie Fisher NC/SC LMBT

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