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As someone who has struggled in life with being left out of the ‘in’ crowd, being too sensitive, a single parent, a fifth wheel, I have often referenced “finding your tribe”.


Psychology Today had an article that listed some startling facts.  Loneliness creates excessive amounts of stress hormones, like cortisol, adrenaline, and nor-epinephrine.  Loneliness increases the rate of school drop-outs. It can lead to depression and alcoholism; and living alone can increase suicide risk.


A Cigna Health article had some de-stressing statistics.  Out of 20,000 people interviewed, 54% felt no one actually knows who they are and 40% lack companionship.  Being lonely has the same health effects as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  And loneliness can be contagious.


So many of us in today’s world are lonely and isolated.  I recently had the honor of attending Mindvalley’s event known as A-Fest.  One of the nuggets I took away was when one of the speakers said ‘We are obsessed with reach but are forgetting to connect’.  I have always been a people watcher.  I am fascinated with the way they talk, move, stand, interact, etc. But more and more, I find I am the only one looking up.  So many people are absorbed in their phones.


So how do we remedy this problem?  Stepping outside of your comfort zone is huge, and is a good way of meeting people we may never come into contact with otherwise.  We can create our own tribe. Believe it or not, there are people out there who share your weird uniqueness.  If you love coffee, invite others to meet at a local shop and just enjoy.  Or, if you love a particular type of novel, why not start a book club?  So what if only two people come; at least connection is being made!  The main point is DO something.  Be the creator of something special, share what makes you special.  Instead of thinking . . . “What do I have to share”? . . . think, “I am being selfish by not sharing!”


I love coffee…..and if anyone wants to join me for a cuppa, I am always game!


Bee Weird Together!

Sometimes we need to create our own tribe!



Julie Fisher NC/SC LMBT

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