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King of Sprains and Strains

King of Sprains and Strains

-Julie Fisher

The liver, also known as the ruler of tendons and ligaments, is a fairly large organ weighing on average two to five pounds. Second in size only to our skin,  the liver is the largest gland in the body and governs many different functions such as detoxification, metabolizing carbohydrates, balancing hormone levels, vitamin and mineral storage (including iron homeostasis), and the secretion of bile.  Bile is essential for Vitamin K absorption, a key ingredient for clotting agents and for breaking down proteins for digestion.  So, imagine if there are issue/restrictions happening in or around the liver, many functions are affected.

The liver has several ligaments that attach to the diaphragm, one to the colon, one to the right kidney and one to the lesser curvature of the stomach.  As you can imagine if there are any lesions or restrictions on these ligaments the affects can cause a cascade of musculoskeletal restrictions and pain.

In Traditional Chinese medicine and Visceral Manipulation, the liver is also responsible for the deep chi of the body (along with the kidneys) and reacts to intense anguish, unbearable difficulties, rage and many more intense emotions.

So why is the liver the ruler of tendons and ligaments? One of functions of the liver as mentioned about is mineral storage as well as iron homeostasis.  If the liver isn’t functioning properly it isn’t able to keep iron levels stable.  This in term causes anemia.  Anemia causes less blood flow to the ligaments and tendons.  Which in turn, causes them to be weaker and more susceptible to injury.

There are so many things that can affect a healthy liver.  Alcohol abuse is the major cause of liver problems in the industrialized world.  Other causes of liver damage/disease can include diet, drugs (whether prescribed or not), airborne chemicals, hepatitis C, parasites, genetics and a myriad of things.

When writing this article, I had assumed that a damaged liver causes anxiety and stress.  However, all the studies I have read to date do not yet understand the connection but show that anxiety and stress are actually causing the liver damage!

Taking care of our bodies is so important!  Again, I encourage everyone to learn about their bodies.  Ask questions, do your own research…..don’t believe me! Question, question, question!

Julie Fisher NC/SC LMBT

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