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I Stubbed My Toe, and Now My Shoulder Hurts!

I Stubbed My Toe, and Now My Shoulder Hurts!

Visceral Manipulation is a very specific modality often called liquid osteopathy.  Take a look at the picture of the spider web that was posted with this article.  If you remove a strand, the web doesn’t fall apart, but, all of a sudden, there is a weak point.  If enough of the strands are broken, the web will fold in upon itself.  Our organs are held in place by a series of ‘strands’, made of connective tissue.  If one of these strands is too tight, it sends a ripple throughout the entire network.

A basic premise of visceral manipulation is that the body hugs the lesion.  Think of wearing your seat belt. All of a sudden you are broad-sided by another car.  While the seat belt can save your life, the momentum of impact causes the seat belt to restrain you from flying out of the car. But it can also cause serious bruising and possibly broken bones.  These injuries will cause pain and possible changes to your posture.  But internally, the ligaments that hold your liver, for example, have now been thrown off balance.  There are seven ligaments that hold the liver in place.  For more information on the liver see The King of Sprains and Strains.

This car accident may have overstretched one or two ligaments and, as you recover, these ligaments stay stretched, causing one of the ligaments to shorten.  Months go by. All the bruising and pain have subsided, but out of nowhere your right leg begins to hurt with sciatica. Do you even think this pain is related to the seat belt trauma you suffered six months ago? Or you begin to have reoccurring headaches?  What about the trauma of a caesarean birth, years of driving, sitting?  How about the restriction of certain clothing like an underwire bra?  All of these things play a part in how our internal organs pull on one another.

Because the liver has seven different ligaments, there are a myriad of neuro-muscular dysfunctions that can occur.  One of these ligaments attaches to the diaphragm, then the diaphragm has its own attachments.  One tight ligament causes a cascade of physical problems, much like our damaged spider web.  But tight liver ligaments are not the only culprit, it can be any of the internal organs.  What about the stomach?  Or the intestines?  Did you know that the bowels create the majority of the feel good hormone serotonin?

Dr. Barral states that 90% of all neuro-muscular dysfunction has a visceral component.  That is HUGE!  It is one of the main reasons I have taken Visceral Manipulation I, II, and III, and plan to continue.  See the article – The Body Engineer

What is visceral manipulation?  This modality uses very precise but minimal pressure to release tension in the ligaments.  Does it hurt?  Absolutely not!  Who can benefit from this modality?  Anyone suffering almost any type of muscular pain, restricted movement, past physical trauma, sluggish bowels, and many others.

Remember earlier in the article that all of these organs are joined together by connective tissue?  There are many types of connective tissue within our bodies.  There is a type of connective tissue surrounding organs, also surrounding organs within certain groupings and even lining the inside of hollow organs such as the stomach.  Between these organs are certain membranes containing fluid called serous fluid that keep our organs gliding against one another.  Guess what the main ingredient in this fluid and connective tissue is?  That is right – H20.  We hear it a lot, drink lots of water.  On a recent podcast of the Model Health Show, Shawn Stevenson has an entire episode on water.  I cannot recommend it (and all his other podcasts) highly enough.  It talks about not just drinking water but drinking great water.  It also talks about even the slightest bit of dehydration reduces our cognitive function.  Think about all of your organs, the connective tissue between them, holding them together and what dehydration does internally.

Having all of our organs hydrated and moving properly makes us more flexible, experience less pain, and so many other healthy benefits.  If you would like to experience a visceral manipulation session, please go to my website to schedule an appointment.

Also, I would love your feedback, questions, or a suggested topic.  And as always I recommend that you ask questions, do research……listen to your gut!


Julie Fisher NC/SC LMBT

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