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Hello!  I have had quite a few clients go to my website and say ‘Which type of massage do I choose?’ If you are in chronic pain and/or dysfunction, the easiest massage to select through the website is the bodywork or neuromuscular session. Most people know if they want a relaxing, hot stone Swedish; for the rest, please read on!

I choose to operate in my home so that I may do the work that my client requires rather than be limited by corporate restrictions.  Most of the franchise massage establishments do not allow abdominal, pec minor, or pectineus muscle work. I want to be able to give my clients the work that they truly need!

One of the things that I want for my website is ease for the client.  When you choose a modality, you will receive an electronic intake form.  State law requires that this be filled out and signed.  The more information that you give, the better.  It gives me the opportunity to research any medications or conditions you may have.  It also helps me formulate the beginnings of your treatment plan.  For example, if you have arthritis or osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones), there will be very little stretching in your session.  Or if you have hypertension, I will know to allow more time for sitting up after the session to limit dizziness.

When you arrive at my studio


entrance to Bee Tranquil

Putting clients at ease and comfortable is a huge priority to me.  One client told me that my studio looks like an orthopedic office!  The first few minutes we will communicate about your treatment needs, as well as a more thorough assessment.   Assessment will/may include a visual assessment, lots of questions, watching your gait, the condition of your skin, hands on assessing, and many other methods.

massage table

We will then discuss what will take place during your session, and then we begin!

studio for Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork

Afterwards, we will discuss things that you can do to help your results last longer and recommendations for follow-up sessions.

I truly look forward to working with you, and helping you move better!

Julie Fisher NC/SC LMBT

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